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Book Sneak Preview: Daughters of the Stone


Book Sneak Preview!

Sister: Do you like storytelling? Do you love to follow the thread in the herstory of generations of women? Do you wonder about the African roots of Puerto Rican and Latina women? Then you MUST get this upcoming novel: Daughters of the Stone, by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa, published by St. Martin Press, NY. Publication date: September 2009. I just finished reading the proofs, and I loooved it.

Why does the Dream Alchemist recommend this book? Pay attention, and you will learn quite a few Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction and manifestation here. You will see women in the most oppressive conditions using their spiritual power to preserve their lives or their children. You will see how the Domestication Trance steals your self-love and shields your Soul, and how to reconnect with your Essence. Above all, you will enjoy a great story told masterfully by an excellent storyteller. Viva la Magia!

Maria Mar(c)

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