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Tips for Toxic Relationships


Toxic Relationships. They are painful. They can drag on for years. They diminish your energy and sabotage your dreams and your self esteem. Here’s a head start:

  1. Understand what makes the relationship toxic.
  2. See the Sacred Mirror that this relationship presents. What is this person mirroring about you that you need to see. Find your Shadow Selves.
  3. Track down the feelings and beliefs that create your emotional attachment to this person.

I know. It’s easier said than done. Here’s help. I am working on the Toxic Relationships Self-help Kit as I speak. It will be ready by the end of August.

You can pre-order yours at: http://toxicrelationships.eventbrite.com

Toxic Relationships: Love Them, but LEAVE Them

Toxic Relationships: Love Them, but LEAVE Them

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  Justin wrote @

The information was very accurate and helpful. thanks for the help, and waiting to see what your book has to offer.

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