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Healing Harmony Meditation


1-minute Healing Harmony Meditation

Inhale gently and fill your entire torso with air as you THINK each mantra. Exhale slowly as you SAY each mantra. You should end with a total of 12 mantras, 6 inwardly and 6 spoken.


Inhale: (Think) I release struggle.

Exhale: (Say) I release struggle.


1) I release struggle.

2) I surrender to the flow of Harmony.

3) I release the weight I carry.

4) I fly carried by the flow of Harmony.

5) I release my racing thoughts.

6) I vibrate in the Harmony of Now.

If you want to enhance the power of this meditation, use a harmonious musical instrument, such as the Tibetan bowl or spirit chimes. The harmonic vibration will entrain your atoms and chakras.

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