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Healthy Relationships-No2-Differences


Healthy Relationship Psychic Key No. 2-Differences

Ask yourself: When I face those differences in my Beloved that exasperate me, am I meeting a teacher? How can these traits enrich and balance me? What can I learn when I stop judging and trying to change him or her?


You are passionate and quick. Your element is fire and you are quick to rise and respond. You get impatient with his/her slow response and the time s/he takes to deliberate.

Difference as teacher:

Your Beloved’s element is earth. It takes time to form a shape (or opinion) because earthy consciousness considers each consequence to self and others. Once s/he forms an opinion it is usually well informed and therefore, there is no regret and little change. There is congruence and consistency. You, in the other hand, react so quickly that you are prompt to make more mistakes. If you learn from his/her earthy deliberation, instead of judging him/her slow and exasperating about it, you will become wiser in your deliberation. That won’t put out your fire, because that’s essential to you, but it will bring balance, which you need. That’s why you chose this Beloved!

Of course this is easier to say than to do. Here’s one easy quick practice:

  1. When you find yourself impatient, judging him/her or about to say something to your Beloved, breathe deeply and consciously adopt an attitude of curiosity and observation.
  2. Give your mind the task of carefully observing his/her actions and learning HOW s/he does it.
  3. Later that day try to copy him/her consciously when the opportunity arises. Do it as a fun experiment. How does it feel? Is there anything worthwhile that you can copy to enrich your own life repertoire?
  4. Don’t forget to thank him/her and name what you are learning. (You will be amazed how this tiny recognition enhances your relationship.)

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