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Are you Self-centered? Good!

Are you Self-centered? Good!

By Maria Mar©

Art by Maria Mar(2)2000. No reproduction, copy or paste allowed.

Art by Maria Mar(c)2000.

Did you inherit a belief that being self-centered is selfish? What is left if you are not your own center? You become other-centered. This is how you are trained for toxic relationships.

What is your center? Your Soul.

What does it do?

  • It guides you in your Earth Walk, reminding you of your true nature and life purpose.
  • It replenishes your vital force through radiance, love, presence, self-love, self-healing, creativity and joy.
  • It sustains you when everything around you threatens to knock you down.
  • It harmonizes your being with the Universe through its Essence, like the fragrance of a rose harmonizes and heals you.
  • It defines your genuine values, giving meaning to your life.

When you lack this center, you make others your center. This is giving away your power and it leads you to living in fear, always afraid that your center will be taken away. When you are other-centered then you cannot love or care for others in a genuine way, because:

  • You follow them blindly, as you have no self-compass, but blame them because you always feel lost.
  • You become a vampire, sucking their life force, as you are dried and empty for lack of connecting to your Soul.
  • You lean on them heavily, becoming a burden, because you have no center to lean on yourself.
  • You create dissonance wherever you are, because you are alone, scared and separated and you cannot truly harmonize with others.
  • You follow other people’s values, are easily manipulated and lack meaning in your life, as you are hollowed because your Soul has been buried too deep and you do not feel your own substance.

Because of this, when you are other-centered, you are truly selfish, no matter how much you caretake others. You do it from a place of neediness and fear, not love.

Therefore, self-centerness is the opposite of self-absorption and selfishness.

Self-centerness is a state of love for yourself that allows you to love others from your center and meet them at a place where they also stand in their own center.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


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Maria Mar(c)

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