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You body is the map to your dream


Your body is a map of the unconscious programming holding you back. Try this experiment today: Observe the facial expression and body posture of people in the street. Without judgment, feel the impact of that stance as it resonates in your body.

As you see postures that convey heavy burdens, despair, rigidity or defensiveness and feel the impact of facial masks of sadness, disbelief or repulsion, notice that most people are not aware of the masks they carry.

This masks hold the unconsious and cellular programs that were downloaded into these people early on. This programming became so embedded in the self that you are unconscious that it is a program. Instead, you completely identify with it. But you do this unconsciously, in spite of conscious beliefs or desires that may be fully different. This programming is the Mask of Self.

To get in touch and release the Mask of Self, you need to practice Presencing (from the noun “Presence”). This is the art of listening to your BodySoul in full receptivity and presence. Your BodySoul will take you to that hidden universe within you where this programming runs, and then you can begin to change it, again through your BodySoul.

For more understanding, see the resources below.


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To understand the way in which you are programmed, visit Dr. Bruce Lipton’s website (The Biology of Belief)


To find ways in which to transform this programming through vibrational, emotional and body work, visit the following sites:

Releasing Emotions


This site has in-depth, excellent information to understand emotions:


Vibrational and Energy transformation

Vibrational and body work for transforming unconscious programming:

If you want to find out more about how you sabotage yourself and how to break free to manifest your dreams, consider coaching with Maria Mar at:


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