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Full Breathing-3 minute practice


What can you do in three minutes?

A) You can die if you can’t breathe that long.

B) You can live a healthier, more peaceful life if you practice full breathing three times a day for that long.

Which will you choose?

Here’s the 3-minute full breathing practice:

  1. Stand, sit or lay down comfortably. Your spine should be relaxed, but no vertebrae should be crunched. Don’t hunch.
  2. Place your right hand on your lower belly, beneath the navel and your left hand on your chest.
  3. Allow the air to enter your nose and open your torso to receive the air. Allow the air to travel all the way to your belly, without pushing or exerting effort. Your right hand will bob gently.
  4. Open your upper torso as more air comes in, allowing it to travel to your stomach, then reach your chest. Your left hand will bob gently.
  5. Place your tongue on your palate, behind your teeth. This will help you slow down your exhalation while connecting an energy circuit in your entire body.
  6. Exhale very slowly through your nose. The slower the exhalation, the fuller the relaxation.
  7. Repeat for three minutes
  8. Do this in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.
  9. Live a fuller, healthier life.


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