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A word about passion


Infuse your life and your purpose with the power of passion. But watch out! We often confuse passion with high drama, with the pent-up tension we confuse with intensity or with infatuation, drive or ambition. Passion is none of these and much more than this.

So what is passion?

Passion is the exuberant River of Life that flows powerfully through your being, moving in the direction of your Essence. It is electro-magnetic. Like the electrical power of running water, it generates movement, cleanses, renews and creates momentum. Like the magnetic power of the moon, it enchants, generates enthusiasm, alters moods and attracts the tides of change and manifestation.

To infuse your life with passion, practice any of this. Start with the easiest and strive to allow all of these states in your life:

  • Open your heart to the River of Life– Let life in. Do not defend yourself and do not try to control things. Just allow the flow of events to inspire and to guide you to Divine Design.
  • Open your hips to the dance of life. Feel the movement of your body through life. Dance with your emotions. Become aware of your desires and nourish them.
  • Open your hands to the touch of life. Allow life to touch you deeply –whether it’s a moment of sadness, a landscape of beauty or a subtle, brief moment of silence.
  • Allow yourself to receive and express your desire with contagious joy and spirit. Don’t hold back. Don’t hold it in. Don’t wait until everything is perfect in order to share it. Share your enthusiasm for a project, cause or goal with others and allow them to celebrate with you.
  • See the beauty and the miracles around you. Passion is the doorway to magic. If you see everything with dull eyes, your imagination needs to wake up. See the magic of every day life, and your passion will be irresistible.
  • Dare to share your deepest feelings with the innocence of children. Most people talk about others, the news or the weather. Few share themselves. Dare to share your feelings in the moment. Dare to feel deeply and share that depth. You will become unforgettable.
  • Connect to life and watch the flow of that river make miracles! When you connect to life instead of trying to control it, your projects seem to do themselves and your work flows effortlessly.

Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


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