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Sacred Mirrors

TODAY’S TIP: Sacred Mirrors

The world reflects you. You create Sacred Mirrors in which to see aspects of yourself that you disown or that need change or healing. Before judging or rejecting others, see the mirrors they present.

The more someone annoys you, the more urgent it is for you to see the mirror this person presents, even if it is magnified or distorted.

Two examples of Sacred Mirrors:

Mirror 1: Someone refuses to pay you or devalues your work. Observe the negative attitudes and beliefs of this person. How do they reflect hidden fears or devaluing that you may be doing to yourself or your work? Do you secretly feel that you are charging too much or that no one will buy what you offer? As you address this issue, you may gain valuable insight that can help you release financial self-sabotage.

Mirror 2: A peer leaves you hanging out in an activity you are organizing, after having confirmed. Examine the fears, expectations and perceptions that motivated this person to not honor her word. Perhaps she was afraid to compete with other professionals, to be unfavorably compared. Perhaps she thought that she had nothing to gain. Perhaps she over-committed herself. How do you engage in similar thoughts, fears or habits? (Even if you keep your word once you commit.) What did this person lose as a result of her expectations and fears? This understanding will allow you to see the invisible obstacles to your career progress.

Sacred Mirrors reveal what is now invisible to your psyche. They are a tool for evolution and freedom.


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