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Your movement manifests

Okay, I’m back from a restful Birthday week.

Here’s my question to you:

How are you SHAPING your life in every movement of your body?

(To answer this, you need to FEEL how your body, energy and presence, your mood and emotions affect the space you walk in and the energies you meet.)

Below is an exciting experiment to find out.

For a week, you are going to move in your body as if you were a Mythical animal, part God/dess, part animal, whose every movement, sound and mood creates possibilities and changes environments.

  1. Begin each day with 5 minutes of slow, deep breathing. Make sure that your exhalation is as slow as possible in each breath cycle.
  2. As you breathe, become aware of your body warm, the rhythm of your heart and the substance of your body.
  3. When you get up, and for the rest of the day, feel how your body penetrates and shapes the air around you. You may want to wear a totem animal jewelry to remind you of the experiment during the day.
  4. Become conscious of your body temperature and feel your moods and emotions. When you get cold, warm, hot, prickly, fluid or thunderous, become aware of the energies moving inside you as emotions and then become aware of how this mood affects your movement and expression.
  5. Expand your awareness to how your mood, movement and expression affect the rooms you enter, the people you talk to on the phone and the people you meet.
  6. Every night, write a few observations in your journal.

During the last day of the experiment, read all the entries. What have you discovered about the power of your physical movement to shape your life?


Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who helps you to break through the hidden interference to your success, to unleash your Greatness and manifest the life of your dreams. She offers books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express.


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