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Break free from attachment


Attachment is an energy knot that ties you emotionally and energetically to the past, blocking your Personal Freedom and your capacity to manifest your dreams. Find out how to break it below.


Attachment is first created during your socialization –childhood and youth– when your Primary Identity or primary needs are emotionally linked to a particular belief or set of circumstances.

An example of this would be if you learned from your family’s dynamics that you must sacrifice your own desires to be accepted. In this case you are attached to self-sacrifice.

See below for solutions.


Attachment can also be created later on in your adult life when you give away your Personal Power to another person or conditions. This also ties up your energy chords, holding you hostage of that to which you have given away your power.

The classic example of Secondary Attachment is when you give away your Personal Power to your love partner, believing that you are nothing without him or her. You allow humiliation, betrayal and abuse because of this belief.

It is often the case that below the surface of a Secondary Attachment, you will find a Primary Attachment. In the case above, you may find out in your healing process that there is a childhood belief like the one in the first section, where you sacrifice yourself to be loved.

See solutions below.


Finally, if a piece of your Soul is hidden or stolen by trauma, this also creates an attachment because that part of you cannot grow or move on. It is a prisoner of the set of beliefs, emotions and circumstances that insult or injured it, and it cannot leave the place of hiding.

An example of this is if as a child you were shame at a moment when your mother or father had died. A part of you may have hidden in the coffin with your dead parent in order to escape what you perceived at that time as an injury because you were an orphan.

See solutions below.


Break free from Primary Attachment

To break free from Primary Attachment, you need to practice emotional detachment until you know how to energetically and emotionally remove yourself from certain conditions, gathering your Personal Power onto yourself without fear of losing your Primary Identity. Once you master this tool, then you need to apply to the past, persons or social scripts that you have confused with your Primary Identity or that are keeping you from taking care of your primary needs.

RESOURCE: The Unstuck Yourself and Flourish Home Study Course is an intensive, 3-months work out that helps you detach from the past and assume your Personal Power. Read more.

Break free from Secondary Attachment

To break free from Secondary Attachment, you need to place distance between you and the person or conditions to which you’ve given away your power. Then you begin to retrieve each particular aspect of your Personal Power that you gave away. You also need to nurture your self-love and to parent the Wounded Children behind the Secondary Attachment (in the Primary Attachment beneath it) through Self-parenting.

RESOURCE: The Self-mothering Kit helps you mother your Wounded Children and summon your Warrior Mother to be able to make strong decisions for yourself. Read more.

Break free from Soul Insult

To break free from Soul Insult, you need to go through a Soul Retrieval Journey. This can be done with the guidance of a shaman or healer, a qualified hypnotherapist or therapist. (Ask them if they know about Soul Retrieval or Inner Child work). The Soul Retrieval Journey takes you back in time to the past, helps you find the aspect of your Soul that has been stolen or is hidden and brings it back home to your adult self. There are specific steps and conditions for this process, so please seek qualified help.

After bringing that aspect of your Soul back, you need to cultivate a mothering, unconditionally loving relationship with it until it integrates to the rest of your Primary Identity. You do this by self-mothering.

RESOURCES: I am preparing a Soul Retrieval Online Private Session, so email me to get into the waiting list and I’ll email you when it’s ready. Also look at the Self-mothering Kit.

I hope this helps!


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