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You have no defects!


A lot of us look at our limitations and emotional wounds as defects. This makes us ashamed, encourages self-judgment, diminishes self-love and makes us avoid looking into those Breaking Points that keep us stuck.

Here’s some great news from the secrets of Shamanic Hunters.

Your wounds are NOT defects.

They are your Personal Power. You heard right.

Your Breaking Points are created by you during your Domestication stage (childhood and youth) by using your Personal Power. But you use these powers from a learned place of fear.  And you use them in ways that have been modeled for you, which may have been disfunctional.

Instead of avoiding delving into these wounds or limits, go ahead, plunge into them and discover the underlying fear. Beneath it you will find the learned belief that fuels that fear.

Once you do this, you can detach from those old habitual responses. Doing this frees your Personal Power so that you can focus it in the manifestation of your best potential.

This is why spiritual teachers say that you have the power to make Medicine from your Wounds.



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