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Re-focus your Attention


Chase that thief out of your house! Deep within the Shadows of your psyche, there lives a thief. In that Inner House, the thief steals your wealth and kidnaps the children of your imagination. This thief even steals your potential, until nothing is left except what you lack. Chase this thief away by naming, celebrating and FEELING your accomplishments, credibility, good qualities, abilities, and experience.

When you want something new, perhaps a publishing contract, a new job or a new house, the thief will focus on what you lack. The experience you don’t have, the fact that you have never done exactly that before, the new skills or large numbers you don’t master yet. Meanwhile, this thief steals the experience, wisdom and expertise you DO have, so that you feel incompetent and begin to believe that you don’t deserve your dream, are not ready yet or will not succeed at it.

Re-focus your attention from what you lack to who you are as an essential being, what you DO have and what you have already accomplished. Build what you want on the foundation of what you have, and the thief won’t be able to steal it.

Maria Mar(c)

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