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Breaking free from the chains of habit


The chains that keep you confined to your learned limits are often invisible to you. The problem is that you cannot change what you cannot see. How to break free? The Spiritual Warrior consciously steps out of her Comfort Zone. She welcomes the challenges that confront her with her fears, for they rattle the chains, revealing their hide out, size and weight. Challenges set you free.

Three Steps out of your Comfort Zone:

  1. Feeling like an ugly duckling, not good enough? Seek the company of Majestic Swans and give yourself permission to swim, fly and dance among them. Give up the worry about what they will think of you.
  2. Feeling like you are not ready yet? Fearing that you have to do two more years of work before you can reveal your talent? Step into the spotlight right now, and give yourself permission to improve on the go. Release your need to be perfect.
  3. Wanting to control all possible reactions and dot every “i” before announcing the project you’ve been working on? Send everyone a note right now giving them a preview of the work-in-progress and asking for ideas and support. Surrender your need for absolute control.

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