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Love-dyed healing breath


Love-dyed Healing Breath

This healing breath meditation takes from 3-5 minutes once you learn how to do it. It may take a bit more the first time. It is good for self-healing, releasing negativity and for sending healing, loving energy to those you love.

PHASE 1: Creating the color cauldron

1. Practice slow, deep breathing. Allow the air to go all the way down to your belly. Place the tip of your tongue behind your upper teeth. This creates a valve effect and helps you exhale more slowly. Concentrate on allowing the exhalation to be as slow as possible.

2. Bring into your Third Eye the image of those you love. Your children, beloved, parents, siblings, best friends. (If there are issues with a person you love and at this moment their image makes you sad, release them in love. Just keep the images of those who bring a smile to your face.)

3. Now add the energy of anybody who brings a smile into your face. Add your friends, acquaintances, even Facebook Friends or comedians who make you smile.

4. Feel the love and joy whirling in your Third Eye, spiraling in your heart. Add to this energy the images of everything you LOVE in nature. Butterflies. Roses. The sunrise. The moon and the stars. Children laughing. Hummingbird. Ancient Trees.

4. Now you have a wide grin in your face and your eyes feel like stars, so shiny. You feel a sense of fullness and fluidity. If you are sensitive to energy, you may even sense colorful clouds of pink, orange, green, magenta and light purple as your Third Eye and heart are filled with the energy of love and joy.

This is the color cauldron of warm streams and clouds of love and joy. You are ready for the next phase.

PHASE 2: The healing light of Divine Love

1. Open your Crown Chakra and allow in the healing rays of light of Divine Love. Call on Angels, your Spiritual Guides, The Healing Commission of the Light, your Ancestors, the Buddha, Christ, Kuan Yin, Lakshmi or any other divine or light presence that you are familiar with in your healing and prayers. Allow their pure healing light to shower you, entering the crown of your head and descending to your Third Eye. With your eyes closed, you will feel your Pineal Gland activated and “see” the streaming light.

2. As you receive the light, see it merging with the Joy and love cauldron of whirling streams and clouds in the Third Eye all the way to your heart. See the pure white healing light dyed with the colors of love and joy: pink, orange, green, magenta and light purple.

3. Feel your heart with gratitude and gratefully receive this love-dyed healing light into your heart. This is an important step that we tend to overlook, especially women and caretakers. RECEIVE the healing light FOR YOURSELF.

4. Now send this light into any and every organ, system or body part that needs healing or strength. Also send it into parts of your body or systems that you use a lot every day.

Examples: Heart and circulatory system, lungs and respiratory system, brain and nervous system, bones and spine, kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach, pancreas, intestines, anus and other eliminatory organs, vagina and other sexual organs, muscular system, eyes and sight, ears and hearing, limbs, mouth, gums and teeth, etc. If you type a lot, send extra light to your hands, wrists and arms and to your fingers. If you are lactating, send extra healing light to your breasts, and so on.

5. Once you feel completely wrapped up in whirls of love-dyed healing energy and feel abundant, peaceful and full, you are ready for the third phase.

THIRD PHASE: Sending healing waves of love

1. See yourself as a Sacred Child, Spiritual Healer or Alchemist –or any other image that comes to your heart/mind. You are inside the love cauldron, playing and splashing.

2. Raise waves of love-dyed, joy-dyed healing energy and send them to each of your loved ones. Have fun. See their image and raise a wave and send it to them, just as when you are in the beach you playful splash them with water. Do this until you feel completion.

3. Now raise waves of love-dyed, joy-dyed healing energy and send it to Earth. Send it to any part of earth that needs healing. Any place that has experienced a natural or human-made disaster.

4. Now raise waves of love-dyed, joy-dyed healing energy and send it to any situation in your life where you need help or solutions. Do not focus on the problem. Simply send this waves in a playful, joyful manner.


Say thanks to all the divine and energy entities that came to heal you. Release them with gratitude in your heart and joy in your body.

That’s it. You have healed yourself, those you loved, Earth and your life. Not bad for a handful of minutes!


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