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What are your steps in the dance?


What are YOUR steps in the dance? The first step to free yourself from toxic relationships, problems or obstacles is to assume your power as creator or co-creator. Ask yourself the following questions and be impeccable in your answers.

  1. How is this problem a consequence of my choices, actions, attitudes and responses?
  2. How does this toxic person or obstacle mirrors your beliefs, thoughts and feelings?
  3. Have I done this before? Is this part of a pattern or habit?
  4. How do I attract this type of situations or persons?
  5. How do I feed this type of situation or toxic relationship?

Observing yourself during a couple of weeks, asking good friends to remind you of similar situations and looking at past relationships and at your family’s dysfunctional patterns will help answer these questions. Write the answers in your journal.

Only when you can recognize your own steps in the dance can you change the dance because the ONLY steps you can change are yours.

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