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Are you ready for success? Self-evaluation


Are you creating a start-up business or positioning yourself as an expert? I’ve seen many small businesses and professionals who tell me they want to succeed, but do everything possible to repel success.

Take the mini-evaluation below to see if you are repelling what you want.

Are you doing any of this?


A. Are you listening to your clients’ needs to design what will sell now to those available?

B. Are you wrapped up on your own abstract plans of big markets, focused on all the birds flying by and letting those in hand escape?

2)Flexible design

A. Are you setting up your structures and resources in a flexible way that can accommodate that big break when it comes?


B. Are you setting yourself up so that you won’t be able to take that big opportunity when it shows up, planning to stay small?

3)Daily focused Implementation

A. Do you rejoice on each small step that takes you to your clearly-defined goal?


B. Are you focused on your limitations, generating frustration and doing a lot of actions that don’t take you to a clear destination?

4) Affordable marketing and client cultivation

A. Are you using available, affordable resources to reach your target market, enjoying and enriching each new client relation?


B. Or are you salivating for those BIG numbers that you can’t reach now, investing beyond your reach or frustrated by your limitations?

5)Beliefs, emotions and readiness

A. Do you BELIEVE that your success is not only possible, but inevitable? Do you feel that you deserve it? Are you ready to receive?


B. Are you fighting against the whole world, which you perceive to be against you?
Give yourself a -5 for each B answer. Give yourself a +5 for each A answer. Add up your points and find out your score.

You are doing well. You have a clear goal that you keep reviewing as you meet the needs of your clients, and you are taking small steps that are taking you to your BIG destination.

You are not rooted in the present. Your mind is holding big plans that your actions are not supporting. You are working too hard and wasting energy in actions that are not well-strategized. Take time to think, do research, ask questions and get help to develop clear goals and design steps to get there that are doable now.

You are working as if you were alone in the world, and you are disconnected from the available resources, from your allies, opportunities and even from your potential clients. Connect! Invest on expert help that helps you take your blinders off and seize the available resources.

-5 to -10
You have big dreams, but you are not taking yourself seriously in implementing them because you really don’t believe in them. Land your dream on reality by seeking help and doing research that allows you to develop a simple, doable strategy that makes things happen now while there is room to grow. You need the internal actions of Shakti, the Female Aspect of Power, to ground your actions in the world.

-15 to -20
You are furiously wanting what you are furiously repelling! Get clear on your own emotional self-sabotage, your fears and false beliefs that are stealing your dream away. You are a prisoner of Polarities. An Inner War is stealing your power to manifest.

Do you really want to do this? Why? Seat alone, breathing gently and deeply into your heart and listen to your Soul. Only when you hear your BodySoul, which is your Dream Compass, will you be able to believe in and create a reality that makes your dream come true.

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