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Power of the Sacred Feminine No.1-Balance


The Mayan Prophecies tell of an age in which the sun will burn itself out. This age is 2012. The sun embodies our Shiva, our Sacred Masculine. The Moon embodies our Shakti, our Sacred Feminine. You have the power to bring yourself and the world into balance. I will offer a tip for three days to help you achieve this.

TIP 1: See your time as a seesaw balancing Shakti and Shiva. After busy doing, spend time being.

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Are you needlessly overworking to activate the Law of Attraction? You are, if you ignore the powerful role of the Sacred Feminine in the manifestation process.

In tonight’s show, you will discover simple, but powerful elements of the Sacred Feminine without which the LOA cannot be harnessed. Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist, will do more than tell you about these Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction. She will help you experience a now forgotten aspect of the Sacred Feminine known to shamans for centuries.

Join us for an evening of magic, ceremony and joyful remembrance of the Sacred Feminine with artist-shaman Maria Mar.

This session: Wednesday May 10th at 10PM EST

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