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What makes these holidays holy for you?

The holidays are here. What makes these days holy for you? What do you want to keep in mind and heart every day during this holy season?

Quick Exercise:

  1. Come up with 1-3 keywords that embody the holiness of this season for you.
  2. Post them where you can see them every day.
  3. Repeat them as a mantra or make a catchy jingle .
  4. Strive to live and celebrates thisĀ  holy essence every day during this holy season.

Here’s my process.

My Keywords:

Love. Joy. Gratitude.

My Jingle/Mantra

‘Tis my season to be jolly.


Love’s around me and inside me.


I am grateful for my blessings.


Now it’s your turn!


Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.

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