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Snake Medicine: Shed your old skin


Animal Medicine-No. 2. Snake

Life Renewal: Shedding the old skin

Snake teaches you to shed your old skin. It’s a messy process. When your old self begins to lift off you, it’s hard to know who you really are. Are you a fake? How come you want and believe one thing, but still do another.

Then, the new skin begins to show up and you feel relief, but you are also scared. You don’t know this new you. Your life is changing. As much as you have dreamt of this new way of life, it’s unknown. It so new that it feels strange most of the time.

As you experience your new self, you feel a great sense of freedom and congruence. Ah! But the old skin sticks here and there, refusing to let go completely. You grow impatient with yourself.

Snake says, “love yourself deeply and unconditionally and trust your Soul to lead the way.”

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