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Quick Slow-Down Practice


In a hurry? Watch out!

Rush, multi-tasking, worry and stress create a speeding pattern of energy vibrations that accelerates your cells, brain and metabolism.

Quick slow down practice.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Practice slow, deep breathing, exhaling very slowly.
  3. Listen to (and feel) your vibrational frequency. It sounds like a far away swarm of bees or radio frequencies.
  4. Send your slow breath into the empty spaces in this sound and vibration pattern.Visualize your breath filling your field of vibrations, clearing up the clutter and massaging the space like a soft breeze, quieting down the overheated energy vibrations.
  5. In about a minute the pattern will slow down. Your vibration field will contain more empty space and the busy space will move more slowly.
  6. In three to fifteen minutes ~depending on how well you release stress and in the emotions fueling your busyness~  the pattern will slow down. You will feel a pattern of peace, emptiness and stillness.


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